Season Facts

The season is eight weeks long, with two preseason practices (10 weeks total).

Weekly games and practices are one hour each.

Things to Know

Upward Basketball serves children from many different towns. Due to this fact, we unfortunately cannot take requests for friends to be on the same team. Part of the Upward experience is meeting new people and making new friends.

We do take single carpool requests. We will make every effort to place children in a carpool situation on the same practice night and time, which doesn't necessarily mean the same team. Please keep in mind with more than 300 children in the program, we can't guarantee to accommodate every request.

When you sign up, you select one night that your child cannot practice. We will build teams based on this information. Should you have a future scheduling conflict, we may not be able to accommodate a change. 

If a scheduling conflict occurs, we will refund 100% of your fee if you tell us before January  2. (See policy in Registration)

At Upward, we do our best to build equal teams, which is why Evaluation Nights are important. Everyone MUST attend one Evaluation Night at Bethlehem Lutheran Church's Gym in Ridgewood. The evaluation should take about 45 minutes