Upward Basketball in Ridgewood
Bethlehem Lutheran Church Gym

A community program for families from Bethlehem Lutheran Church 

Looking for an opportunity to make a difference?

YOU can add Purpose to your life and others!!!  Upward is run 100% by volunteers.  

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Our Mission

 Upward Basketball is a first-class sports experience that emphasizes healthy competition, sportsmanship, skills building and fun versus the "win-at-all-cost mentality" found in many children's sports leagues.  We seek to develop the self-esteem of boys and girls, while teaching sportsmanship, character, athletic skills, faith in God and respect for authority in every situation. 

Our Team

Upward is 100% run by volunteers and supported entirely by volunteers.  If you'd like to be considered for a role as a volunteer head coach, assistant coach, emcee (delivering NBA-style player introductions) or any other position in Upward Basketball, please email upwardridgewood@gmail.com   Background checks are done on all coaches and assistant coaches.


For Your Child (1st-6th Grades)

We aim to provide the best sports experience for your child. By best, we mean that at the end of the season, we want you to be thinking, "That is exactly what I wanted my child to experience." From the skills and drills, to the lessons on life, to the game-day experience, your child is the focus.   You will provide a lasting effect in your child that will live well beyond the end of the season. 

A community program sponsored by Bethlehem Lutheran Church



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